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A Clinic Out in Nomad Country

health clinicAfter years of planning by the combined efforts of Kilung Jigme Rinpoche, a Kilung volunteer doctor, and the local Sershul County Health Department, a medical clinic for nomads was given the go-ahead and funding. It was built where it was needed most—out in nomad territory—to serve the three Dzachuka tribes of Kilung, Gemang, and Gegong. The clinic is located near Kilung Monastery in Kilung Valley, an offshoot of the larger Dzachu Valley. Families of this region rarely have been able to travel the distance to Sershul town for medical attention, nor do they speak Chinese, nor have much cash for fees. This clinic is especially adapted for the population, in language, culture, location, and affordable fees—or free to those who need.

An initial 100 sq-ft exam room has been built by the county health department. Next is working with the county to provide annual supplies of medicine, and search for, and fund, a fully trained physician. Ultimately, plans for the small clinic include four rooms: examination, injections, storage of medicines and equipment, and a residence for the doctor.

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