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Homes for Monks

The practitioner is the heart-essence and source of dharma.  If we don’t have the practitioner to maintain the practice, then the dharma teachings will not be longer for this world. –Dza Kilung Rinpoche

A critically important part of renewing Kilung Monastery is providing long-term stable housing for monks who wish to live at the monastery. The reconstruction of the shedra college and ancient temple inspired monks to return to Kilung Monastery and shedra graduates to stay on as full-time monks. Housing needs have been great.

In 2006, a campaign to collect the necessary funds and expertise was started. Monks, eager to participate, contributed their labor and one-third of the costs for each cabin. Since that time, small cabins of various designs meeting unique needs have been constructed.

All are built in a beautiful and very simple traditional style, using local materials and well-known builders. Their thick walls made of rammed earth and local stone covered with adobe are whitewashed. Large windows overlook the temple and the valley and hills beyond. Wooden floors and ceiling beams, and modern metal roofs complete the design. Small stoves for burning yak dung, the traditional fuel of the region, provide warmth and cooking heat. Colorful traditional Tibetan painting adorn the outside. Built to last a lifetime at a very low cost, these homes represent a true investment in the dharma and provide a home for monks devoted to a lifetime of practice. As of 2013, fifteen duplex cabins, one family-style cabin, and one single cabin have been built, providing housing for approximately 33 monks.

Kilung Rinpoche said, for the monks, “this is a dream come true, the opportunity to dedicate their lives to practice and to practice together,” for the benefit of all sentient beings.