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Ancient Mani Wall Reinstallation


The 300-year-old Mani Wall at Kilung Monastery needs to be restored. Known as the Kumbum (100,000 Statues) Mani Wall, it was started by the 1st Kilung Rinpoche in the late 1700s, and grew as people added more stones carved with mantras to benefit all sentient beings. It had wonderful blessing energy for all those who circumambulated it, and many traveled on pilgimage to receive the blessings of the 100,000 stone-carved images.

During the Cultural Revolution, the Mani Wall was destroyed. The stones, with their mantras and carved images, were taken to be used in ordinary buildings and pathways. In the 1980s, after Buddhist practice was again permitted, a few people, along with Kilung Rinpoche’s family, returned to the monastery. With courage and hard work, the stones were recovered and carefully collected and piled in places where they would not be stepped on or further damaged.

Now it is time to rebuild this important cultural Mani Wall to restore its blessings for all sentient beings, and to once again provide the opportunity for local Kilung people and Kilung monks and nuns to circumambulate it, and practice nearby. The cost of rebuilding the Mani Wall project is $12,000. Your generosity will restore not only the Mani Wall, but also its cultural traditions.

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