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Of interest…

A Skeptic’s Path to Enlightenment website has published two podcasts featuring Kilung Rinpoche. The first is a summary of the Seven Meditations (starts at 1:07). The second includes a 10-minute guided meditation.

Shambhala Publications offers an online course of Kilung Rinpoche’s Discovering the Relaxed Mind—An Immersion in a Seven-Step Method for Deepening Meditation Practice.

Wisdom Publications has released a podcast of Kilung Rinpoche discussing “Jigme Lingpa and the Longchen Nyingtik Tradition” with Daniel Aitken.

The rebuilding of the Kilung Shedra is featured in an article in the NW Dharma News.

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Kilung Rinpoche’s book, The Relaxed Mind, a Seven-step Method for Deepening Meditation Practice is an excellent support of our practice.