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Video of the Kilung Shedra interior as of October 2022

We are so happy to share that the funds needed to fully furnish the library and classroom have been raised!

Next we turn our attention to completing the interior of the Shedra Temple. Wood carvings, the main door, and the altar and its sacred objects, are what we are fundraising for now. Donate HERE.

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Fall 2022 progress – furnishings for the library and classroom now needed!

Progress was still made on the temple this construction season, though there were challenges due to a late-summer and fall COVID lockdown.

The interior and exterior painting is almost completed. The solar cap has been working very well to comfortably regulate the temperature.

There is still a great need for furnishings for the library and classrooms!

Now, we need to fill the library and the classrooms with tables, shelves, chairs, and carpets.

Our goal is to raise $10,000 to complete these essential learning spaces. 

For the students,

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Golden Roofs are being built!

The heart and generosity of the Taiwan sangha has funded the construction of the golden roofs, a necessary traditional component of a Shedra. These golden roofs combine the ancient tradition with modern building practices. They are made with metal roofing over concrete to be weather proof and long-lasting, and painted with golden-colored paint.

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New Library at the Kilung Shedra

What comes to mind when you think of a library? The distinct feel, smell, and sound of such a sacred and awe-inspiring refuge breathes life into our memories and minds.

Picture this…a brand new library combining modern and traditional, filled with knowledge and potential. This is what we are building together in Dzachuka. There will be scores of pechas, sacred Tibetan texts, and cushions to sit on the floor for reading them. Computers will give access to world-wide digital resources for research and study.

The library will also have bookstacks with Tibetan books with western-style bindings on not only dharma subjects,

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2022 Construction begins and Funding needed for dorm rooms!

Construction has begun again at the Kilung Shedra now that spring has arrived in Dzachuka! The dorm rooms are being finished and now we need to purchase the furnishings!

Help outfit these rooms for the students, monks and teachers
who will be returning to the shedra.

$10 can provide a desk lamp
$25 can provide bedding and blankets
$50 can provide a desk
$100 can provide a bed

For $350, you can sponsor a complete dorm room.

Please donate HERE!

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Early November Shedra photos

The exterior of the Shedra has been completed!!!

Now the interior work is being finished. We are currently fundraising for the furnishing and supplies. You can DONATE HERE!

Our goal is that the Shedra and Children’s School re-open in the spring.

Help us complete the interior so that we can re-open the Shedra this spring!


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October Shedra Photos

Donations are still needed to finish the Kilung Shedra!
Donate HERE.
Thank you!

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September 2021 Progress

Thanks to the solar cap, construction work can continue into the winter. See these videos and photos for the great progress being made!

The exterior

The solar cap and inner courtyard

The rooms – Help us purchase the equipment and supplies for the classrooms and living quarters! Donate HERE.

Here are some more videos

Help us purchase the equipment and supplies
for the classrooms and living quarters!

Donate HERE.


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Paint, windows and floors!

The finish work is underway on the Kilung Shedra! Tremendous progress is being made with the interior and exterior painting, windows, and flooring. Below is a slideshow of the August 2021 progress.

We are now fundraising for the materials needed
for the monks and school-aged children to restart their study programs:
seating, desks/tables, blackboards, computers, texts, books, teaching materials.

Thank you!

Click on photo to start slideshow.

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Summer 2021 progress

The finishing work is now underway on the Kilung Shedra!

Here is a short video of how it looks under the solar cap now.

Here are photos taken in mid-late July.


Here are late June, early July photos.

Here is finish work happening on the roof.

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