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New Library at the Kilung Shedra

What comes to mind when you think of a library? The distinct feel, smell, and sound of such a sacred and awe-inspiring refuge breathes life into our memories and minds.

Picture this…a brand new library combining modern and traditional, filled with knowledge and potential. This is what we are building together in Dzachuka. There will be scores of pechas, sacred Tibetan texts, and cushions to sit on the floor for reading them. Computers will give access to world-wide digital resources for research and study.

The library will also have bookstacks with Tibetan books with western-style bindings on not only dharma subjects,

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Early November Shedra photos

The exterior of the Shedra has been completed!!!

Now the interior work is being finished. We are currently fundraising for the furnishing and supplies. You can DONATE HERE!

Our goal is that the Shedra and Children’s School re-open in the spring.

Help us complete the interior so that we can re-open the Shedra this spring!


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Solar cap framework construction photos and videos

Here are some videos…

Here are photos of the intricate framework for the solar cap being constructed. Click on photo for slideshow and to view full size.

Read more details about the innovative solar cap HERE.


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Kilung Shedra 2018 Construction Video

View this summary of the construction of the Kilung Shedra in 2018 HERE.

This video details the history of the shedra, its destruction by fire in 2016, and the current rebuilding of a modern shedra that will serve the educational, community, and spiritual needs of Dzachuka nomad children and monastics.


Funds are still needed for the construction planned in 2019! Donate HERE.


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Nyima and Yangzom

As a result of the fire, the hardships of continuing the schooling in temporary structures, and construction delays, there was no school or shedra this year. Here are the personal stories of two Dzachuka children who have been impacted by the closure of the Kilung Children’s School after the fire that destroyed the structure in April 2016. One is a story of challenge, the other a story of hope. We believe they point to the benefits your donations provide, both to relieve suffering and to offer opportunities.

Nyima Dondrup is eight years old, the fourth child of a nomad family living in the Kilung Valley.

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Shedra monks still studying but at other monasteries

While waiting for the rebuilding of the Kilung Shedra, the children and monks have scattered in different places, some at home, some in public school, and some at other Shedras such as Dzogchen, Shechen, Jangma, Palpung and Machen.

Thirty-one monks and six school children are supported to continue in their studies by small stipends from Kilung Foundation.

To the right is Shercho studying at Dzogchen Monastery. Below is Tsering Topden also at Dzogchen Monastery, and Dorje Gon at Jangma Monastery.


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Shedra site now cleared and water well installed

shedra cleared ground aug2016 copy

This is all that remains of the Kilung Shedra after the fire… the cleared ground and the small, black canteen building. The demolition and clearing of the site is now complete and construction begin once the final shedra design is complete.

shedra well croppedProgress has been made on providing running water for the shedra and the Kilung Children’s School. The well has been drilled and is now, thanks to a small electric pump, delivering water! This makes a huge difference to the students and community as previously water was only available from a spring a short walk from the monastery.

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Starting the long process of rebuilding

As the familiar rhythm of classes returns to the Kilung Shedra and Kilung Children’s School, the monks and the children are getting used to their primitive accommodations and school facilities while they patiently wait for the rebuilding to begin.

Architects are donating their time and working full-on to plan the new shedra, built to modern standards, but designed to Tibetan architecture and culture. Phase I of the reconstruction will be starting this summer, so that students can have housing appropriate for winter conditions by the time the freezing temperatures come in October.

monks studying_0007   post fire studying_0064

monks class in temple after fire_0149kilung childrens school outside among tents_0010


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Videos from the Kilung Shedra fire

The fire spread quickly through the shedra and completely destroyed the building.

Community members attempted to put out the fire with buckets of water from the spring, but it was hopeless.

After the shedra was destroyed, the community mobilized to put up tents and resume classes as soon as possible so as to continue the precious education taught by the shedra and the Kilung Children’s School.

Life at the shedra is quite different now, very primitive and rigorous, but the education continues despite these hardships.

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Below is a video of school life for the children before the fire.

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Shedra fundraising event on Whidbey Island, April 26th

Flyer Kilung Shedra fire


image1(1)class outside

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