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Fall 2022 progress – furnishings for the library and classroom now needed!

Progress was still made on the temple this construction season, though there were challenges due to a late-summer and fall COVID lockdown.

The interior and exterior painting is almost completed. The solar cap has been working very well to comfortably regulate the temperature.

There is still a great need for furnishings for the library and classrooms!

Now, we need to fill the library and the classrooms with tables, shelves, chairs, and carpets.

Our goal is to raise $10,000 to complete these essential learning spaces. 

For the students,

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Shedra construction in action: May 2021

Construction has begun at the Kilung Shedra!

Welcome to the crew!

The innovative solar cap is being installed.

Due to pandemic-caused inflation of the cost of building supplies,
we still need to raise $130,000 to finish the construction.
Please donate HERE to help us open the shedra this year.


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Shedra construction finished for the 2020 season!

Tremendous progress this 2020 building season!

Click on photos to enlarge.



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Solar cap framework construction photos and videos

Here are some videos…

Here are photos of the intricate framework for the solar cap being constructed. Click on photo for slideshow and to view full size.

Read more details about the innovative solar cap HERE.


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Innovative solar cap going up!

One of the most special features of the Kilung Shedra is the solar cap. This large expanse of special glass will cover most of the inner courtyard and will provide passive solar heat for the building. It will create sun-warmed sheltered spaces where students and monks can study during the day, while producing passive heat to the adjacent areas.

From architectural rendering to reality!

Kilung Rinpoche, with the advice of specialized engineers, chose this design to avoid the environmental impact of heating with coal and to minimize costly electric heating bills.

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