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Children move into monks cabins, and become monks!


The tents that were set up shortly after the shedra fire for the children to sleep in did not last long. They were falling apart and leaking badly. With the advent of rainy, cold weather and the coming of winter, the children needed a new sleeping place.


The monks gave up four of their retreat cabins to share with children so they have a warm, dry room. These monks have now doubled and tripled up in other cabins.

And not only did the children move into the monks cabins, they also became monks!




The children at the Kilung Children’s School have been at the monastery over two years and have developed a strong connection with the monks, senior teachers, and their studies. They were eager to become a monk in the Year of the Monkey. Historically, if there is interest, families want their children to be ready do to this during the Year of the Monkey celebration of the Birth of Guru Rinpoche that happens every twelve years.

The children are young to make this decision, so there was a discussion with the parents and families, all of whom were very excited and happy that their child wanted to become a monk at this auspicious time.

So, new robes were prepared, the families made contributions for tsok offerings and their children have become monks! The children are continuing their studies in grammar, reading, writing, history, as well as Buddhist prayers and sadhanas. The tradition of Tibetan Buddhism will continue strongly through this next generation.

The Kilung Children’s School is looking towards increasing its enrollment this year to include children who are not planning on being monks, as well children who have done so.


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The children will now be dry and cozy for the winter!

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