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Classes begin again at the Kilung Children’s School

The sleeping tents have been set up in front of Kilung Rinpoche’s residence at the monastery, and the students are studying outside when the weather permits.

image2 class outside

For these children, their Tibetan education is precious, so not a moment was wasted starting the school again, just days after the fire. In the photo below, you can see the charred remains of the Shedra in the background.

image1(1)class outside

The County Security Bureau sent a specialized team to the Kilung Shedra to investigate the cause of fire and discovered that it started in one of the dormitories. In an unfortunate series of events, three students had gotten soaking wet falling off a motorcycle, and turned on an electric stove to dry their clothes. They left early the shedra early in the morning, and the fire started at 11 am. It is not known whether the stove caught the clothes on fire, or the electric wire overheated.