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Dedicate a Gau

Dedicate a Gau

A Gau is a traditional Tibetan prayer box
dedicated in honor of ancestors, family members or loved ones.

With your donation of $5000 to the Kilung Shedra,
the names of the honored people will be placed inside a Gau
and placed on a wall in the beautiful new Kilung Shedra temple and teaching hall,
receiving and generating blessings for all.

The Shedra (Monastic College) will also be home to the Kilung Children’s School,
both essential to providing traditional Tibetan education to the community
and to furthering Buddhist spiritual training.

The lives and culture of Tibetan children, monks and families will be sustained
by the monastic college, children’s school and community center.
You can help bring that vision to fruition with your donation.

$5,000 for each Gau
Donate HERE

(Please click on “Other” and indicate “Shedra Gau” on your donation
and include the name of the person you are honoring.

or contact mullypemakilaya@gmail.com to pledge your gift over time.