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Before the reconstruction, first the demolition

shedra demolition image1(1)

shedra demolition road building image1The work of rebuilding the Kilung Shedra has begun. First a construction road needed to be built for the heavy equipment to have access.

Now the bulldozers are demolishing the destroyed shedra to make way for the new building.

Already a tremendous amount of progress has been made with the site about 50% cleared now.


shedra demolition image3 shedra demolition image2(1)

shedra demolition image7shedra demolition image6


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Once the site is cleared, a new foundation will be excavated and the rebuilding process will begin. Architects and engineers are working tirelessly to get the plans finalized so the construction can begin as soon as the site is ready.

Classes for the shedra and the Kilung Children’s School continue in the blue tents and adjacent structures below the shedra.

Our fundraising efforts continue, with $240,000 raised towards the goal of $750,000. We need $60,000 more to be able to complete the summer construction that will provide indoor sleeping, cooking and eating spaces for the 60 students.

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