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H.E. Dza Kilung Rinpoche’s teachings in Denmark, March, 2018

Retreat in Aarhus, Denmark

March 3rd – 8th

It was white and cold in Aarhus when Kilung Rinpoche and Jeanne Lepisto arrived in Øsal Ling. But inside, there was lots of warmth in the participants hearts as well as in their bodies.

During the week, we had a wonderful time with Rinpoche, working with the words of Patrul Rinpoche (The Heart Essence of the Enlightened Ones). Also, we were fortunate to have Jeanne kindly guiding us through some dharma subjects.

This retreat was a great opportunity for all of us, to share the love and kindness that Kilung Rinpoche and Jeanne Lepisto presented to us. We look forward to next time.

With love and respect,
On behalf of Osal Ling and the Sangha in Aarhus
Jona Ingolfsdottir


Rinpoche’s teachings in Copenhagen March 9 – 15

On Friday, March 9th, the first evening in Copenhagen – Rinpoche held a public talk about the Seven step meditation from his book “The Relaxed Mind”.

We were so lucky, that Rinpoche had time for giving us teachings on Ngondro before leaving for his next stop in the USA. People had a  great interest in Ngondro and a good number attended the retreat. Rinpoche began by giving the lung followed by his profound teachings. Fortunately, Rinpoche and Jeanne had brought a good number of Ngondro texts, and they were all quickly bought by the weekend’s participants. Our gratitude and heartfelt thanks to Rinpoche for his teachings and also to Jeanne who skillfully guided us on how to start Ngondro practice. We are happy to report that we now have a Ngondro group.

Rinpoche also had time for visiting attractions in Copenhagen, the Freetown Christania – a self proclaimed autonomous anarchist district in the capital city of Copenhagen, where Tommy, one of Rinpoche’s old time students, showed him and Jeanne around. They also visited the Lousiana – a museum of modern art.


We are so grateful that we could have Rinpoche and Jeanne with us, and we are looking forward to their next visit.


Rinpoche with Lene and Preben in Copenhagen, two former sangha members who are very dear to many of us.