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Sacred Objects for Yeshe Long Temple

Sacred objects for the Yeshe Long Temple

Below are some of the dharma items and furnishings purchased for the new Yeshe Long Temple, selected by Dza Kilung Rinpoche on his trip to Nepal in September, 2018.

Large statues, each 24 inches high:
Buddha, Guru Rinpoche, Prajnaparamita, Chenrezig, Tara, Longchenpa and Jigme Lingpa



Green Tara


Five small statues, 7 – 9  inches high
Clockwise from upper left: Amitabha, Medicine Buddha, White Tara, Avalokiteshvara, Amitayus
Click on the photos for a description.


One Vajrasattva statue Yab Yum, 14 inches high


Custom painted thangkas from Nepal, and 40 printed Longchen Nyingtik thangkas (from His Holiness Dodrupchen Rinpoche in Sikkim)

From left to right: Carpet in front of altar, for Lama Room, Meditation seating runners


Chod-cha sets for tsok, wang, drupchen and other ceremonies, beautifully hand made with silver, copper and gold plating


Altar and ceremonial objects, hangings and coverings
Click on photo for description


Temple spire for top of temple
Dharma wheel with two deer above entrance of temple (not pictured)

Any donations great or small to helping to purchase these sacred dharma items are most welcome!

To be part of creating tendrel, the connection with these sacred Vajrayana objects, you may dedicate your contribution for any purpose close to your heart, such as the benefit of specific beings, all beings, repayment of karmic debts, dissolution of obstacles, or to celebrate the completion of a practice.

Click HERE to make your offering via Paypal, check/bank draft, cash or stock transfer. Please indicate “Sacred Objects” on your donation. If you have any questions, email pkofferings@gmail.com.