Weekly and Monthly Practices

As a community of practitioners, we have regularly scheduled monthly and weekly practices.

Some of our practices require a lung and empowerment prior to participating, others are open without restrictions.

Google calendar HERE

Every Monday 5:30 – 6:30 pm PT: Monday Meditation OPEN in-person & online
Every Monday 4 – 5 pm PT, except 1st Monday:  Chod practice, by permission, online only
Every Monday 9 – 10 am PT: Longchen Nyingtik Study & Practice Group, by permission, online only
Every Thursday 4 – 5 pm: Vajrakilaya, by permission, online only

1st Tuesday 4 – 5 pm PT:  Shitro, by permission, online
2nd Tuesday 5:30 – 6:30 pm PT:  21 Taras, OPEN, in-person & online
3rd Tuesday 4 — 5 pm PT:  Phowa, by permission, online
4th Tuesday 4 – 5 pm PT:  Chenrezig, OPEN, online