Help rebuild the Kilung Children’s School in the Shedra

This is Sonam Yonten, now in his early 30s.

Sonam’s parents died when he was a young boy. He joined Kilung Shedra when the first Shedra program started and became a monk. Sonam studied very hard, completed his training and later became a teacher for Kilung Children’s School, before the fire destroyed the Shedra.

After the fire, he and the Shedra and Children’s School students have been waiting for the Shedra to be rebuilt so that they can return to study. In the meantime, he is teaching adults in his community how to read and write. The children are now far from home in government schools, and not able to benefit from Tibetan education near their families.

to help rebuild the Kilung Shedra and Community Center.

Click HERE to follow the progress of the Shedra rebuilding.

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