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Innovative solar cap going up!

One of the most special features of the Kilung Shedra is the solar cap. This large expanse of special glass will cover most of the inner courtyard and will provide passive solar heat for the building. It will create sun-warmed sheltered spaces where students and monks can study during the day, while producing passive heat to the adjacent areas.

From architectural rendering to reality!

Kilung Rinpoche, with the advice of specialized engineers, chose this design to avoid the environmental impact of heating with coal and to minimize costly electric heating bills.

Rinpoche and the Shedra contractor agree that completing the solar cap now is a priority in order to protect the rest of the structure and to potentially provide space where temporary tents can be set up for ongoing use by students or workers.

The Shedra solar cap will also offer an innovative model for earth-friendly construction in this region where abundant sunshine is a renewable natural resource.

Help us finish the roof!



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