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Kilung Monastery & Shedra

The Kilung Shedra has been completely rebuilt after it was destroyed by fire in April, 2016. This new extraordinary structure has been designed to withstand earthquakes, fire and the rigors of high altitude winters. It will house the Monastic College and the Community Center that will serve the people of Dzachuka for generations to come.

The opening of the Shedra is scheduled for Fall of 2024. At that time, a new 9-year program of Monastic Studies will begin, with a strong emphasis on retreat and meditation practice.

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Donations are still needed to complete the interior.

The Kilung Youth Program will be headquartered on the ground floor of the Kilung Shedra, and will provide traditional education in Tibetan language and crafts for both boys and girls.

The Community Center and Health Clinic is scheduled to open in 2024.

Our deepest appreciation to the generosity of donors world-wide
who have helped accomplish this project,
and who continue to help with its completion.

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