Lamas and Monks coming to the Northwest for Temple Consecration and Sand Mandala Tour

Kilung Foundation & Pema Kilaya Sangha
welcome Venerable Lamas and Monks coming from Taiwan
to assist with the

Consecration and Opening of Yeshe Long Temple
Whidbey Island, Clinton, Washington
May 25 – June 3

They will also be the artisans for the
Sand Mandala Tour
June 5 – 14

Ven. Khenpo Chonyid Dontok


L to R: Ven. Karma Takpa Gurung, Ven. Soga, Ven. Karma Chhoijor Lama


L to R: Ven. Penpa Tsering, Ven. Yong Chang Kun Sang, Lama Changkel Budha

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