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Monday Meditation

Monday Meditation
with Dza Kilung Rinpoche

Mondays from 5:30 – 6:30 pm 
Yeshe Long Buddhist Center
6900 Humphrey Rd., Clinton, WA

On Monday, July 8th, Rinpoche will be leading a celebration of Chökhor Duchen.

In-person at the temple, or online through Zoom.

We open and close the meditation with these prayers.

Dza Kilung Rinpoche teaches the Seven Meditations, a series of meditations that progressively deepen our experience of the relaxed mind. You can follow the progression throughout the year, or join on a drop-in basis.

These meditations can benefit both beginning meditators and experienced, whether they are Buddhist, or not. All are welcome!

Read more about these meditations in Rinpoche’s book, The Relaxed Mind, a Seven-Step Method for Deepening Meditation Practice. Practice schedule is below.

Here is a short video of one of our Monday meditations.

Seven Meditations practice schedule through the year:

1.    Basic Sitting Meditation: Laying the foundation – by joining mind and body. (January)
2.    Calm Abiding Meditation: (February/March)
3.    Refined Basic Sitting Meditation: Arriving at clarity. (April)
4.    Insight Meditation: (May/June)
5.    Open Heart-Mind Meditation: Viewing the internal and external more widely. (July/August)
6.    Pure Mind Meditation: Experience as pure and enlightened nature. (September/October)
7.    Nonconceptual Meditation: Letting mind rest in the natural state of one’s own wisdom, without regard to conditions. (November/December)

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