New Library at the Kilung Shedra

What comes to mind when you think of a library? The distinct feel, smell, and sound of such a sacred and awe-inspiring refuge breathes life into our memories and minds.

Picture this…a brand new library combining modern and traditional, filled with knowledge and potential. This is what we are building together in Dzachuka. There will be scores of pechas, sacred Tibetan texts, and cushions to sit on the floor for reading them. Computers will give access to world-wide digital resources for research and study.

The library will also have bookstacks with Tibetan books with western-style bindings on not only dharma subjects, but also about nature and environment, animals, culture and history.


The library on the First Floor will not only serve the monks studying at the Shedra, but will be available to community members.

In addition, the Community Center on the ground floor will also have a small library with resources on health, handicrafts, and Tibetan arts.






Let us support the enlivening of wisdom by sending donations to the building of the Kilung Shedra’s library.

The library will hold the cultural and spiritual traditions of Tibetan Buddhism, cultivating curiosity and wisdom.

We need your help to make it happen.
Please donate today!






2022 Construction begins and Funding needed for dorm rooms!

Construction has begun again at the Kilung Shedra now that spring has arrived in Dzachuka! The dorm rooms are being finished and now we need to purchase the furnishings!

Help outfit these rooms for the students, monks and teachers
who will be returning to the shedra.

$10 can provide a desk lamp
$25 can provide bedding and blankets
$50 can provide a desk
$100 can provide a bed

For $350, you can sponsor a complete dorm room.

Please donate HERE! (Click on Rebuild Kilung Shedra)

Please give generously to help provide furnishings for the dorm rooms!

Thank you!


Below are some photos of the progress being made on the rest of the Shedra.

Your donations are so appreciated to help complete and open the Shedra!

Early November Shedra photos

The exterior of the Shedra has been completed!!!

Now the interior work is being finished. We are currently fundraising for the furnishing and supplies. You can DONATE HERE!

Our goal is that the Shedra and Children’s School re-open in the spring.

Help us complete the interior so that we can re-open the Shedra this spring!


September 2021 Progress

Thanks to the solar cap, construction work can continue into the winter. See these videos and photos for the great progress being made!

The exterior

The solar cap and inner courtyard

The rooms – Help us purchase the equipment and supplies for the classrooms and living quarters! Donate HERE.

Here are some more videos

Help us purchase the equipment and supplies
for the classrooms and living quarters!

Donate HERE.


Paint, windows and floors!

The finish work is underway on the Kilung Shedra! Tremendous progress is being made with the interior and exterior painting, windows, and flooring. Below is a slideshow of the August 2021 progress.

We are now fundraising for the materials needed
for the monks and school-aged children to restart their study programs:
seating, desks/tables, blackboards, computers, texts, books, teaching materials.

Thank you!

Click on photo to start slideshow.

Summer 2021 progress

The finishing work is now underway on the Kilung Shedra!

Here is a short video of how it looks under the solar cap now.

Here are photos taken in mid-late July.


Here are late June, early July photos.

Here is finish work happening on the roof.

Shedra construction in action: May 2021

Construction has begun at the Kilung Shedra!

Welcome to the crew!

The innovative solar cap is being installed.

Due to pandemic-caused inflation of the cost of building supplies,
we still need to raise $130,000 to finish the construction.
Please donate HERE to help us open the shedra this year.


Unexpected obstacle as 2021 construction begins!

Construction has started again for the 2021 building season with the intention of completing it this year.

Now, due to the economic consequences of the pandemic, inflation in China and Tibet has caused a huge increase in the prices of building materials. The construction costs of the Shedra project have risen because of this.

We now need $130,000 more to complete the Shedra.


Dza Kilung Rinpoche shares:
“In 2016 when the Kilung Shedra and Children’s School was destroyed by a devastating fire, the whole Kilung Community felt a great loss of the source of Tibetan culture and Buddhist study and legacy for future generations to come. We all were heartbroken to see what had happened.

I said then: we’re not letting this disastrous fire take away our younger generation’s learning opportunities. We will rebuild this important center again no matter what hardships we may have to go through.

We hope to fill this financial gap soon, so that we don’t have to postpone the completion of this project.

I am very confident, and rejoice to think that this project can be accomplished this year with all of your generous support, care and love. This will ensure the students and children can come back to their learning again!”

To help us complete the shedra this year, please donate HERE.

Supplies and equipment for the Shedra

The Shedra is taking shape on the outside, but there is still much work still to do on the inside.

As the rooms of the Shedra take form, it is now time to focus on providing supplies and materials to furnish and equip them.

Children are the future of Tibet. They need an education that includes their language and cultural heritage and prepares them for the modern world. The Kilung Community School will provide them with the education they need.


For the Kilung Children’s School, a partial list of what is needed includes:
Tables and Seating
Text Books
Writing Materials
Computers/ Technical Equipment
Salaries/training/supplies for teachers



Donations are needed to furnish and equip the kitchen and dining hall.

Here is a partial list of what is needed:
Large commercial refrigerator and freezer: $1094
Large commercial stove: $938
Traditional Stove for heating: $470
Pots, pans and utensils: $470
Bowl and plates: $125
Tables and chairs: $1250
Exhaust Fan: $235
Fire extinguisher: $156
Misc. kitchen and dining hall supplies $1094


Nomad families are at risk for many preventable diseases, including tuberculosis, hepatitis B, and hydatid disease. Currently, they have very little access to medical care, prevention and health education.

The Kilung Health Clinic will make an enormous difference in providing preventative care. Please help us furnish and equip the clinic this year!

Thank you for your help in equipping the Shedra with these necessary supplies!

Donate HERE



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