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Shedra Rebuild update

The past 18 months after the fire have been busy ones for the Kilung Foundation. The new building site has been cleared in preparation for construction to begin. Thanks to gifts from Asian students, a new well has been established to provide clean drinking water.

Architectural plans have been developed for a new three-story, modern and environmentally sensitive building.

The new structure will be built using contemporary building techniques and modern building materials, rather than traditional Tibetan rammed earth. The expanded space will accommodate both the present and future needs of Vajrayana students in a far-reaching community.

Originally planned for 2017, construction was delayed this year by the need for a geological survey. The high plateaus of Tibet call for engineers with particular skills, and the search to find a company in the region with the right experience took time. Through Rinpoche’s relationship with a local Lama who recently completed a project at a similar elevation, a specialized geological survey company was finally engaged. The survey is now completed, and a final working drawing is being prepared.

Shedra site completely cleared


Unfortunately, as a result of the fire, the hardships of continuing the schooling in temporary structures, and construction delays, there was no school or shedra this year. While waiting for the rebuilding of the Kilung Shedra, the children and monks have scattered in different places, some at home, some in public school, and some at other Shedras such as Dzogchen, Shedchen, Jangma, Palpung and Machen.

Fundraising efforts are ongoing, and we have raised over $400,000 of the $1.7 million dollar project. Another $450,000 is needed by April 2018 in order to reach our halfway mark and begin construction on the new center. We ask for your donation to help bring us closer to this goal and allow us to break ground as spring arrives in Tibet.

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Shedra site with new temple overlay

The new Kilung Shedra, Children’s School and Community Center will allow the children and monks to return to the Kilung Valley to continue their studies and education close to home.
The structure will also provide expanded space for a girl’s school, medical and health care, and community development activities.

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