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Shedra site now cleared and water well installed

shedra cleared ground aug2016 copy

This is all that remains of the Kilung Shedra after the fire… the cleared ground and the small, black canteen building. The demolition and clearing of the site is now complete and construction begin once the final shedra design is complete.

shedra well croppedProgress has been made on providing running water for the shedra and the Kilung Children’s School. The well has been drilled and is now, thanks to a small electric pump, delivering water! This makes a huge difference to the students and community as previously water was only available from a spring a short walk from the monastery.

A group of Chinese donors sponsored the digging of the well, and a consortium of Chinese solar and tech companies will also be providing what is needed for a solar powered pump and delivery system.

Eventually the water well system will support the entire shedra. A water tank large enough for 2 days supply of drinking, cooking and shower/toilet use for 100 people will be installed. This water tank will also provide sufficient water to use in case of a fire, something we hope never happens again, but for which the shedra will now be prepared.

shedra children tent outside aug2016 copy

shedra children tent inside aug2016 copy shedra children tent inside2 aug2016 copy

In the meantime, the children are still in their tents, which have become quite well-lived in over the months since their dormitories were destroyed. Classes continue to be held outside. However, the tents are showing signs of deterioration, and plans are being made for other accommodations as the weather gets colder.

shedra Rinpoche with children aug2016 copy

Kilung Rinpoche arrived in Dzachuka in July in time for the World Sang Day celebration. Once at the monastery, he spent time with the Kilung Children’s School students.

Rinpoche also met with the shedra teachers and monks, community members, architects and builders to finalize the design and plan for the shedra reconstruction.






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