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Spiritual Services at the Kilung Monastery

prayers mala photoPRAYERS AND PUJAS: Kilung Monastery monks offer prayers and pujas for various kinds of life needs: prayers for healing, for obstacles, and the renowned Tibetan practices for the dead. These practices are done daily at the monastery for local community, with increasing numbers of requests internationally.


prayer flags1 DSC02110PRAYER FLAGS: An offering of prayer flags printed with prayers that you choose can be made for any number of reasons: commemoration, celebration, memorial, honoring, healing, or to remove obstacles.



life saving animal release yak YakWithNgaso4ANIMAL LIFE RELEASE: From around the world, anyone can request that the life of an animal be saved through Kilung Monastery’s efforts. Yaks, sheep, or goats are purchased from slaughter, or less dramatically, through an arrangement with a family who promises not to kill the animal for life.

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