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Starting the long process of rebuilding

As the familiar rhythm of classes returns to the Kilung Shedra and Kilung Children’s School, the monks and the children are getting used to their primitive accommodations and school facilities while they patiently wait for the rebuilding to begin.

Architects are donating their time and working full-on to plan the new shedra, built to modern standards, but designed to Tibetan architecture and culture. Phase I of the reconstruction will be starting this summer, so that students can have housing appropriate for winter conditions by the time the freezing temperatures come in October.

monks studying_0007   post fire studying_0064

monks class in temple after fire_0149kilung childrens school outside among tents_0010







The monks are able to study in the temple that was spared from the fire, but the children are all outside or in tents for their classes.

One major challenge of the previous shedra was no running water. This of course made it impossible to fight the fire, though people tried with buckets from the spring.

well digging image1       well digging core image3

well digging image2A group of Kilung Rinpoche’s students and friends in China are funding the digging of a deep well for the shedra that will provide clean and safe water not contaminated by the hydatid parasite which causes the severe liver disease. This project was scheduled to happen prior to the fire, and now is even more essential.

The well will be 100 meters deep and is being drilled through solid rock to get to the aquifer.

In addition to clean, safe running water, the new shedra will have better fire protection, as well as be built to withstand earthquakes.

A daylight basement will be added for community facilities as well as a girl’s school.

Approximate cost to rebuild to these higher standards is estimated to be about $600,000. Thanks to the generous donations of supporters throughout the world, we have so far raised $200,000 towards our goal. Our deepest appreciation to all those who have contributed so far.

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