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Supplies and equipment for the Shedra

The Shedra is taking shape on the outside, but there is still much work still to do on the inside.

As the rooms of the Shedra take form, it is now time to focus on providing supplies and materials to furnish and equip them.

Children are the future of Tibet. They need an education that includes their language and cultural heritage and prepares them for the modern world. The Kilung Community School will provide them with the education they need.


For the Kilung Children’s School, a partial list of what is needed includes:
Tables and Seating
Text Books
Writing Materials
Computers/ Technical Equipment
Salaries/training/supplies for teachers



Donations are needed to furnish and equip the kitchen and dining hall.

Here is a partial list of what is needed:
Large commercial refrigerator and freezer: $1094
Large commercial stove: $938
Traditional Stove for heating: $470
Pots, pans and utensils: $470
Bowl and plates: $125
Tables and chairs: $1250
Exhaust Fan: $235
Fire extinguisher: $156
Misc. kitchen and dining hall supplies $1094


Nomad families are at risk for many preventable diseases, including tuberculosis, hepatitis B, and hydatid disease. Currently, they have very little access to medical care, prevention and health education.

The Kilung Health Clinic will make an enormous difference in providing preventative care. Please help us furnish and equip the clinic this year!

Thank you for your help in equipping the Shedra with these necessary supplies!

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