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Tents already up as the snow falls

The community mobilized to get tents and shelter to the Kilung Shedra for the monks and children.

Kilung Jigme Rinpoche immediately encouraged the Kilung community:

“Right now we need to make sure the kids are warm enough, that families are not discouraged and the children don’t feel lost. Classes in tents will start again soon. We can’t waste precious time.

People are talking about how this could be the end of their education, but that is not the way it has to be. We build things up and sometimes they are destroyed. The good thing is that no one died or was injured. We cannot be discouraged.

We will work hard together to bring another inspiring environment for education. We have great confidence in this. This is not destroyed or lost forever. It is just for the time being.

This encouragement is very supportive, everyone is helping each other, so everything is going ok. The community is very close-knit.”


image4The community prepared the ground as bedding and supplies poured in from the surrounding areas and Kilung Rinpoche’s Chinese students. Six tents are now up.

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