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Thousand Buddha’s Empowerment in Dzachuka

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In March, 2015, Kilung Jigme Rinpoche gave a Thousand Buddha’s empowerment, teaching and public talks to the Kilung community and neighbors, near the Mura Mani Wall. Many hundreds of people came for these events. The subject of the public talks was about how to sustain the culture, and how to continuously integrate Buddhism and modern life at this critical moment. It was one of the biggest gatherings in a year.

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Thousand Buddhas people gathering_0268







Thousand Buddhas gathering3_0337








Hundreds of people came for the teachings and blessings of Kilung Rinpoche.

Thousand Buddhas gathering2_0551

Thousand Buddhas Empowerment Kilung Rinpoche with cards DSC_0366      Thousand Buddhas Empowerment Blessing1_DSC_0589

Thousand Buddhas blessing1_0400      Thousand Buddhas blessings2_0430

Thousand Buddhas blessing child_0457

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