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Unexpected obstacle as 2021 construction begins!

Construction has started again for the 2021 building season with the intention of completing it this year.

Now, due to the economic consequences of the pandemic, inflation in China and Tibet has caused a huge increase in the prices of building materials. The construction costs of the Shedra project have risen because of this.

We now need $130,000 more to complete the Shedra.


Dza Kilung Rinpoche shares:
“In 2016 when the Kilung Shedra and Children’s School was destroyed by a devastating fire, the whole Kilung Community felt a great loss of the source of Tibetan culture and Buddhist study and legacy for future generations to come. We all were heartbroken to see what had happened.

I said then: we’re not letting this disastrous fire take away our younger generation’s learning opportunities. We will rebuild this important center again no matter what hardships we may have to go through.

We hope to fill this financial gap soon, so that we don’t have to postpone the completion of this project.

I am very confident, and rejoice to think that this project can be accomplished this year with all of your generous support, care and love. This will ensure the students and children can come back to their learning again!”

To help us complete the shedra this year, please donate HERE.

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