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Yogurt project a big success!

This video shares the successful story of the yogurt project!


wechatimg19The Dzachuka Nomad Yogurt Collective, launched by the Kilung Foundation with the support of generous donors, is thriving!

Now in its second year, the yogurt is very popular and the business has been awarded a RMB 500,000 grant by the local Chinese government ($80,000).

This will enable the collective to increase the herd size of the females yaks, called ‘dri’, that are milked for the yogurt.


wechatimg23 Currently the yogurt is being made “home style”. The daily production of 30 tubs of yogurt is sold directly from a refrigerator in the delivery van parked on the streets of Sershul, always selling out.

The grant will fund a commercial kitchen for a more efficient and hygienic production of the yogurt in larger quantities, as well as a retail shop. The increased production and sales will engage additional families, thus providing more employment.

The vision of the Kilung Foundation in launching this economic development project has been achieved. In fact, the success of the yogurt business has inspired three more yogurt businesses to start! Now even more nomad families have been able to keep their animals and increase their herds. Relocated nomads who have lost their animals have employment in town as well as a continued connection with yaks and their traditional nomad culture.  And there will be enough healthy, delicious and local yak yogurt in Sershul to meet the demand!

With this success, the Kilung Foundation is now looking to develop other value-added yak products that can be produced by the nomads.


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